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When Fashion Sustainability Revives Through Ethical Strategies of Quiet Luxury


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In recent years, consumer behavior has shaped a new market with new criteria in the industry. Those who think long-term are the ones who emerge victorious.

What Makes Gabriela Hearst’s Sustainability Strategy Stand Out From Other Ethical Brands?

In a vast industry with high consumer expectations, the path to success appears increasingly intricate. As we’re aware, sustainability has become the Νew Normal

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How Can Your Brand Succeed In a Circular Fashion System? 

It is obvious that in a highly competitive environment, taking the courageous initiative to integrate circular fashion into your brand identity can be a significant yet profitable risk. In a concerted

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Crafting Conscious Commerce: A Roadmap to Ethical and Sustainable Branding 

The continuously evolving fluctuations of 2020 in the luxury industry have had repercussions on almost every business, particularly in the West….

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Luxury Resale Network: Sustainability as a Bit Player

It is now a fact that more and more luxury brands are stepping into the ‘dance’ of the resale network. Whether willing or not, resale prevails as a permanent outlet within the framework of industrial…

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Learn about sustainability

The term “sustainability” stands as a milestone of recent generations, with its main ingredient being the ethical way of life that we are now obliged to embrace, seeking to give a little more life to the planet that we have caused to suffer over the past few decades.

I’m Valeria E. Konst and over the past few years, I have been researching all the sustainable aspects and strategies of the fashion industry. Through my studies in journalism, fine arts, and fashion styling, I contribute my own piece to the puzzle, sharing my commitment to a more ethical future. It’s important to think consciously and act more responsibly as the new reality has shaped new rules for our planet.


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The Entrepreneurial Journey: Unveiling the Secrets of Pierre Cardin’s Success

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